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NAICS CODES               DESCRIPTION         

561720    Janitorial Services (supplies, dining facility cleaning, oven/hood degreasing)

423210    Office Furniture Purchase

561740    Carpet and Upholstery cleaning services (e.g. conditioning & sanitizing)

423420    Office Equipment (e.g. printers, fax machines, etc.)

327215    Glass Top Purchases (e.g. customize glass install conference tables, desk, etc.)

442291    Window Treatment (e.g. customize blinds, curtains, etc.)

424110    Printing and writing paper

484210    Moving and Logistics Services (e.g. office relocation)

561730    Landscape Services (e.g. Design, lawn mower service, tree planting, etc.)

238990    Chain Link Fence Installation (e.g. De-install)

561710    Exterminating and Pest Control Services

335121   Ceiling lighting fixtures, commercial, industrial, and institutional

813110​    Religious Organization

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